Farmhouse Cottage Home Tour for Christmas

Welcome to another 15 Days of Christmas Home Tours! Today we are touring a beautiful home of a home decor stylist named Vanessa from Farmhouse Peach Co. Her own was built the hands of her loved ones and family 20 years ago when her and her hubby first got married. Their home Vanessa has slowly decorated through the years making sure to bring into her home long term pieces and meaningful pieces. She has a shabby chic gone farmhouse style that every women can just drool over! It is so stunning! Today Vanessa will take us in her home and tour her 2019 christmas home decor tour and she is taking us with her!!! we will get to see home decor from small shops around her community and small shops on Instagram! visit Vanessa’s website at

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These next 15 Days of Christmas Home Tours are to share with you the ladies and the homes that inspire me in my home! These are the home decor stylist I look up to and I think you can get inspired by too.

Let me know how do you find people to get inspired by? Do you go to pinterest, instagram, youtube? How did you learn to style your home?

I would love to know in the comments below!

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  2. Beautiful me encanta ver todos tus videos mil gracias por compartir saludos y bendiciones desde ÇDMX Beautiful🙏

  3. I really did love this home but what I couldn't deal with is the fast moving camera shots. She needed to stay on each item for more than a couple of seconds, it was so hard to watch I had to stop a little over half way through I was getting a bit sea sick. Taking time to show each piece is much easier on the eye, than flying through and whipping the camera all over the place. When we walk into someone's home we don't fly through at a dizzying pace. So the filming should be the same. It ain't a race, LOL! I do love this series but wish you could advise your ladies with some camera tips. Thank you

  4. Beautiful home but I need a wider picture. Moved too fast so I didn’t enjoy watching and ended early. Made me dizzy.

  5. Love your house. Also the big living room tree. Is it artificial and where can it be purchased. Thank you.

  6. Ummm 🤔 if you love everything that you has , Well … that’s what it matter . And thanks for the video , And Our Lord JESUCHRIST bless you.

  7. So beautiful. And I appreciate the honesty when she said that it was 20 years in the making. I just bought a house and I want to style it and decorate it all tomorrow 😂 but of course that’s not realistic at all.

  8. Beautiful Home Vanessa 💯💯💯
    Perfect use of space.
    None of our homes are perfect it’s what we do with them inside that brings the magic.
    Holly Im really loving your channel
    Thank you

  9. I have lost track how many times I have re-watched this video. LOL I absolutely get obsessed if you're home you did such an amazing job to make it very cozy and very loved. I love it all.

  10. Vanessa I love your home. Your upstairs and downstairs are amazing and you have found the perfect furniture and accents for both. I love that your house is a home. I also adore you. Basketpam

  11. Needed to back up could not see the pieces she was talking about. Beautiful home

  12. Your home is beautiful,,,, and you have work so hard to bring us this video , I will like to thank you ,,, and Please don’t listen to the negative people ,,,, jealous people are negative ,,, it’s beautiful and I am sure that next Christmas you will ring us another great video ,,, Enjoy !!!!

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