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What’s up everyone!! Today I am going to be doing a Fashion Nova Haul 2017. The “Expectation vs. Reality” type of video. Except I’m calling mine the “Real life vs. Website”. We all know that on the website they make the models look very nice and the clothes look very fitting but is it the same when we actually get the items in our hands?? All thoughts and opinion are my own. If you do like the items than the links will be down below. Hope you enjoyed watching. Comment down below and let me know what your favorite item was!

Thanksgiving Makeup Tutorial + Urban Decay Naked Heat | iDESIGN8 :

Jasmine Sweater- Ivory- M (white is sold out)

Outlines Pant Set- Black – M

Tennis Courts II Set – Black/White-M

Cloud Nine Tiered Sweater- Burgundy- S

Criss Cross Sweater- Ivory- M

Josie Ruffle Top- Light Mustard- S

Shana Ribbed Dress- Mustard – S

King of Me Boot- Olive- 10

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30 Replies to “Fashion Nova Try-On Haul 2017 | Real Life vs. Website | iDESIGN8”

  1. Hey Everyone!! Today I'm doing a mini Fashion Nova Haul for you guys , Real Life vs. Website. We all know online they make the clothes and models look really good and then when we get the items in our hands it is something totally different. Definitely let me know your thoughts with Fashion Nova and their clothes. Positive or Negative? Also, If you like the "real life vs. website" videos give me a thumbs up and I will create more videos like this for you guys!! Thank you for watching!

  2. Fashion Nova be ordering clothes off Shein & selling them for a higher price.For example i ordered a formal dress from Fashion Nova a month later i was on Shein and saw the same dress way cheaper SMH

  3. Wow some of these clothes make your figure look so bad and you have a great figure those two sweater with the ruffle made it look like you had fat arms or muscles like a man not flattering and not cool fashion nova they can make young impressionable girls feel like it's their body that makes the clothes look bad because they see it looking fine on the model it's the clothes that are bad when they take their photos they make the model stand in ways to hide the bad bits and they use clamps and tricks to make the clothes look like they fit perfectly too

  4. To watch this now and see how much growth you have gone through, makes me extremely proud to be a supporter ♥️

  5. I LOVED your hair short like this. It was EVERYTHING and some baby.😍😍😍

  6. Yeah fashionova takes too long to receive the things u ordered..this haul looked a mess.. I only buy their jeans

  7. Hate fashion nova because their sizes are not true to size….I never know what size to get…then hate that they only do store credit on returns and you have to pay for return shipping #fashionnova

  8. Super glad to find your YouTube I was browsing on Pinterest and ran across one of your fashion blog pics and it was a wrap from there and here I am a new subbie🙃to the channel!

  9. I liked everything but the white sweater that shed. I'd send it straight back. You have great style and you're beautiful.

  10. I know what you mean about the stinky sweater! I purchased e2 twist back sweater from FN… tell me why it smelled like it was in someone’s moldy basement! 🤢 yuck!

  11. Ur Shanna ribbed mustard dress is unique & those block olive👠 boots r pretty. ☺️.

  12. God bless that body hunny. Shopping must be so fun and easy for you, cus your body is perfect and you look damn good in all that you tried on.

  13. I just found your page on accident. I was watching another YouTube snd saw you comment under the video and someone said you were sexy chocolate. Then I discover this great content and BOOM—subscribed. Lol you are now my fashion mentor and ye’een know it

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