FASTEST BURGER EVER | Sub-10 Minute Burger Challenge Ep. 6 Chef Kush

We’re back with the fastest burger challenge yet! This time it’s Kush’s turn to set a new sub-10-minute record and create an incredible burger!

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29 Replies to “FASTEST BURGER EVER | Sub-10 Minute Burger Challenge Ep. 6 Chef Kush”

  1. Seeing the reflection of the flames in the other oven door was pretty metal, not gonna lie ????

  2. More Kush! Not gonna lie, I still miss James, but I enjoy Kush's shenanigans just as much.

  3. would be great to see if uncle roger or mythical chef josh could do better. roger aint really a cook but i wanna see fried rice in a burger

  4. Taking out the "Oh…that's on fire" and Guiness chug, I honestly think Kush could crank out a sub 60 second burger. Great job!

  5. I can't get over Kush using his BARE HANDS to press the burgers in the pan and when they were freshly cooked, and to hold a metal pan handle when it was fresh out the oven! Man must have teflon for palms!

  6. WOW! Jesus, that was quick!???? Now you HAVE to put Kush in a pass it on challenge. ????

  7. Oh, invite someone from Yogscast; Lewis would be a confident mess or Duncan would (probably) burn your kitchen. You guys did some wow promotion stuff years ago iirc.

  8. Great Job! I'd like to see Barry Lewis from Barry Lewis kitchen AKA My Virgin Kitchen! Please Please Please!

  9. I hope Kush becomes the replacement for James, I enjoy his energy so so much!
    Also – bring in the ladies, where is Poppy??

  10. I'd say Kush said "Hold my beer", but he just downed it and slaughtered the times anyway!

  11. This is literally like your favourite band announcing a new lineup and its fucking sick – Go Kush we need more of you x

  12. I love how Kush transition into the screen was so natural and not forced to replace James or anyone, it's just him being him and making completely sense with the team and we've love him forever

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