Faux Locs


** If you would like to see a full tutorial on this style drop a comment below**

1. 7 Packs of Marley braiding hair – I used 2 pieces of hair for each (one for the braid and one to wrap around)

2. Salon Pro- Argan Oil- Hair Food to oil the scalp

You will also need a rattail comb and a lighter

Music: [Kruzer Intro Song] Trap Sax Beat (prod. Nish) : https://youtu.be/rtk7PqOX8LQ

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  1. its amazing how things change with time pana lol cause i know you wont ever go this route again! 😂😂😂 you dope sis!

  2. Ig since imma miss you the next few weeks this what I’ll be watching until you come back get well 🙏🏾🙏🏾☺️☺️

  3. Hi Breanna-Bray-Pana-Bree!! Lol 😂. Just found this video from 2 years ago!! Wow bae, I know that you said that you were dying after it taking you 9 hours, but seriously girl these Locs are beautiful! I used to have hair down past the middle of my back and I’m 6ft 1inches tall so I have a really long body. I had it long for like 6 years and I always wanted faux Locs but I couldn’t get any braiders to do them on my type of hair! They said it’s because I’m white and my hair texture would just make them slip out! I suggested cornrowing my natural hair and then buying the crochet faux Locs but they said that they were not something that as professional braiders were something that people at home were doing on themselves! So I thought ok, my friend is amazing at doing his own cornrows and he managed do me an amazing full head of cornrows going straight back and then tucked all of my braids down and then sewed them in. I have really thick, naturally curly hair and I for a fact that cornrows would not slip because my hair texture. Anyhoo I bought some 24inch crochet Faux Locs in a beautiful ombré brown like a level 5n to blonde level 10n and they were beautiful! I have a big head and I wanted them to be long and full! I bought 2 bundles that had 7 packs of hair in each and there were 11 faux locs in each pack. I started from the back using 2 big mirrors and it was SO EASY to do bae! It’s a good job that I ordered 2 bundles cos I had run out of hair and I had the crown to my forehead full top section to do yet! So my big head took 8 packs or 88 Locs! WOW‼️ But the best thing about it was it was SO QUICK TO INSTALL‼️ It took me just over 1 hour to fit all of these beautiful faux Locs girl and it was super long and looked absolutely Lit 🔥🔥🔥PERIOD‼️. So I am glad that the braiders wouldn’t want their name on my Faux Locs because after my friend did my cornrows I was about to install these beautiful Marley type Locs! And they lasted so long! I just kept oiling my scalp with the growth oil with itch control in the white bottle with green writing on it?! and kept applying spray water followed by cream of nature moisturising foam and rolling them in my palms every few days and I even bought a black silk cap to sleep in! I was single at the time thankfully 😅 Lol 😂. ❤️❤️❤️😘😘😘

  4. Braids & Locs are neat, but you didn't say what hair you were using or products. Nice job though.

  5. How do you keep the hair from sticking together and making the hair fizzy from the burnt ends??

  6. you should start doing everything row by row . so once you braid one row go ahead and wrap it as well

  7. This was very nice, you showed everything. What I want to know is do you dip them like box braids at the end?


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