Fave Nude Lip Combinations TUTORIAL | Habiba Da Silva

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24 Replies to “Fave Nude Lip Combinations TUTORIAL | Habiba Da Silva”

  1. Habiba Habiba Habibacan u do nude lip combos using Nyx lip products please tqxoxo

  2. Hej Habiba.
    So i'm a beginner at practicing islam and i was wondering how do you keep you're make up while doing the ( wudu ) for praying ?

  3. Oh I love your name so much. I normally don't here people with that name, that's why it's so unique. and your make up is perfect.

  4. You're so beautiful & i Love the way you wear your hijab! How do you get your scarf to be pointy on top? I'd love to wear mine like that 🙁

  5. mA😍😍😍 habiba you are so gorgeous! Anyway i just made my first you tube video it would mean a lot if you would like to check it out thank u x

  6. can you do video of your make up brushes and where they from and simple make up tutorial for school example

  7. Can u do a tutorial on how u do ur liner and with a nude lip? Ur makeup is nice.

  8. hi gorgeous! when you use these combos or the concealer palette etc. how do you touch up throughout the day??

  9. all of them look stunning but i prefer the second combo, would you make a full drugstore makeup tutorial plzzz??

  10. i really want to wear a hijab but i look more fat😕So i was wondering if u could do another vid on how to do this style scarf that ur wearing and show us how u keep the point (triangle) It would really help me😴Ps ur mashallah very gorgeous😍🌚😌X

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