Finally Covering Up the Pipes Under the Hartley Sink! ???????? // Garden Answer

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29 Replies to “Finally Covering Up the Pipes Under the Hartley Sink! ???????? // Garden Answer”

  1. The curtains look great! They blend well with the flooring. Great job, Laura!

  2. The ugly brick patio area removed? -yes!
    The pipes in the Harley covered? – yes!
    Now I nothing left to wish for.

  3. Maybe use the other fabrics for slipcovers for your chair cushions in the Hartley for when you want to change things up? I love your videos and start every day with "let's see what Laura's up to today."
    You inspire me and help me to keep my head in the garden game in terms of the chores that need done. Thanks to you and Aaron for keeping it positive, informative and wholesome!

  4. Well…the fabric looks like a pair of pants…but if you are happy that's the main thing!

  5. The herringbone was the perfect choice. Adds softness but sort of disappears. You could always use a cheap plastic trash can and stick it inside a wicker basket as a liner. Easier to clean out. Unless you plan on just keeping it inside the trunk but that seems like it would be a pain.

  6. What you pick is perfect Laura! Love it….just a quick question, do you compost? And if you do, can you go through your process? I save all my "organic trash" in a tight container and compost it. If you aren't doing that what about another basket for your trash?

  7. "Or so we rationalize to ourselves when we buy it" YES. That happens to me ALL THE TIME

  8. Love the material. I was thinking bamboo shades to match your wicker, but this was great.

  9. Who else nods along with the whole “mmhmm” as Laura explains her thought process??? LOL.

  10. I’ve tried out those hoses that shrivel up…they’re great for a bit then at about a year mark they start to bust, I’ve been through three of them over the years & finally gave up when the third busted. About to bite the bullet on a Hoselink now.

  11. Got my sister a mug that says ‘She who dies with the most fabric wins.’ Pretty sure I’m in the lead at this point. ????

  12. Good morning Laura and family
    You did great everything came together, the Hartley looks Great and homie plants and flowers look amazing you did good Laura, have a great morning and the rest of the day there for a while I thought you had a cordless iron I thought maybe it was battery operated wouldn't that be nice if somebody invented that? It's chilly in Oklahoma Panhandle Texas County USDA ZONE 6b. ????????

  13. The storage area looks amazing. Love the baskets etc. Seems I am the only one who would have gone with the toile fabric. For me, it just has a more vintage feel in keeping with the style of the Hartley.

  14. Yes! Fabric right up my alley. If I was your neighbor, I would happily help you sew this curtain. Have fun !!! NO…..don't use the iron on hem, break out that sewing machine.

  15. I love love love how this turned out. When it started, my first thought was "oh please get black on white toile" and you did! I'm sure you held it up and in the end you made the right choice. But you are so right. You can change it out with the seasons, holidays, your mood ????
    Thank you for the inspiration and for sharing the process including the little fails. I have a few places that need something like this too. ❤

  16. Further..if not, pick up a charming watering can that you're happy to display and just pop the garbage under there. : )

  17. Perfection, Laura! I’d definitely put that basket on a dolly so it can come out from under the countertop for easy access so it doesn’t get unduly stressed while you’re pulling stuff out on the diagonal since you can’t place things in or get them out from directly overhead.

  18. I never pay attention to what folks have in their home, but since so many brought it to your attention about your under sink area???? love what you've done, Laura.

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