finally cutting my long hair

finally cutting my long hair… i just needed a little switch up so we booked an appointment in london and GOT. IT. DONE!!! i really do like it i think i have to learn how to style it a bit….. but yes. couple more london vlogs comin but I’m home in MI now typin this! wanted to catch up at the end with y’all and just chit chat but im kinda thinking either more talks like that or eventually maybe a podcast??? what we think?!

anyways please go have an amazing day
and realize that YOU’VE GOT PURPOSE
you’ve got so much to show and so much love to give
the world needs YOU

in my descriptions i want to start linking some inspiring videos / songs i’ve found throughout my week

alexs channel has helped me so much throughout the past few weeks of just amazing messages pushing me towards God and how he wants us to live!

okay im sorry but feels by calvin harris is too good. too good.



for those of you asking, here is our adorable notting hill airbnb link: the owner is the sweetest!!!

camera i’m vlogging on:

Help me translate this video into your language!

Business inquiries email in my “About” section!

thank you for watching and supporting me
Seriously so so thankful to be able to travel like this :,)
I’ve been all over the place but hopefully you guys like the travel vlogs!!!
Thank you for being patient with me 🙂
i love you

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  1. I recently cut my hair, and it's the best feeling ever. Even though my long hair was like my comfort zone and my confidence, it's like cutting it off brought the real me to the surface in the best way! 🙂

  2. You are literally Poppy Moore in real life!! American girl transforming her hair style into this exact look in England🤩

  3. people's opinions of you don't matter & you have to accept yourself for who you are in all phases of life gotta love you for you babygirl , don't rely on other people to feel loved or accepted!!! 💕💕

  4. it's true home girllll don't ask for anyone's validation , always do what makes you happy you are beautiful just the way you are no matter what hannah🤍

  5. as a hairstylist…. ive been waiting for you to get this exact cut!! Looks so good!!!!

  6. Your videos are always the best,i always recieve notifications whenever you upload a video,by the way thanks for recommending me to mr Ryan Sobeich the crypto expert,he has really change my life am grateful

  7. 4:35 we def need a pod 100% but like if you got ready while doing it and named it like “Getting Ready Thoughts w/ Han” or something cute like that and then listed/described the products in the description or on audio (doesn’t matter)…*chefs kiss*

  8. i hadnt watched any of your videos in a couple months because youtube wont show them on my feed:((

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