Finally made my son a step stool // Easy Woodworking Project

In today’s video, I will demonstrate how to make a step stool using wood taps so that one can easily ship it anywhere and the customer can reassemble with a normal screwdriver. Easy woodworking tutorial with step by step video instructions.
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16 Replies to “Finally made my son a step stool // Easy Woodworking Project”

  1. An exceptionally helpful tool Allmy.Tips I had no idea on the most proficient method to build an open air shed. This woodwork plan was convenient and of an awesome help. The guidelines are so clear and the application simple. What an improvement!

  2. I love that! ?
    خیلی خوب بود. کاش همچین کارگاهی داشتم ?

  3. I can see you are an accomplished carpenter. One suggestion. Create another video making the same thing. Ditch all the tools for hand tools and small power tools.

  4. What do you spray in the last part… I like to know how to make fine smooth finish but not shiny …

  5. I thought this was a very interesting and most informative piece, and it gave me lots of excellent ideas. I would mention, though, that I found the lack of gloves, eye protection and no mask during the spraying to be a learning opportunity.

  6. Очень дорогие станки, а ты сделал табуретку на саморезах. Шипы хотя бы сделал. Если делаешь slow motion записывай хотя бы 50 fps. Слабое видео.

  7. Tapping the screw holes, while reducing strippage, doesn't allow for unlimited assembly/disassembly. If you plan on taking it apart often you'll be better off using threaded bushings.

  8. Hola, yo cómo mujer no me atrevo mucho a usar las herramientas, pero este video me encantó y me inspira. Espero hacer algo pues me gusta mucho la madera ??????

  9. I would like to see how steady you are on the top step. You don't actually show us stepping on them!

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