First Time Homebuyers Get Colorful Modern Remodel | The Nate & Jeremiah Home Project | HGTV

A couple is eager to begin their next chapter together as they buy their first house, and while they love the layout, the dated style isn’t working. Nate and Jeremiah bring a rich and colorful design palette to create a space that speaks to who they are.

Designing duo Nate Berkus and Jeremiah Brent are helping moving families get a fresh start. They’ll aid their clients in letting go of what they no longer need before renovating the property into the perfect dream home for the family’s next stage of life.
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First Time Homebuyers Get Colorful Modern Remodel | The Nate & Jeremiah Home Project | HGTV

27 Replies to “First Time Homebuyers Get Colorful Modern Remodel | The Nate & Jeremiah Home Project | HGTV”

  1. They say they love the original features, the original features go in the dumpster…

  2. Are they not worried about those string thing stairs when the babies come.

  3. I like the look of the staircase railings, but I am wondering if it would be safe for future children. Horrible thought – but could a child get his/her head caught in those wire spindles?

  4. Amazing transformation love the family dining room and kitchen. And love the wonderfull round Lamp in the hallway.. But sorry, not the railing.

  5. Not in love with the colors, they make the house look like an older couple lives there.

  6. Beautiful. The only comment is the cabinet they should have turn upside down before adding the shelving to allow the door to open right to left which would open it into the kitchen for ease of access.

  7. The railing was ugly
    Each space on its own looked great but as a whole just seemed disjointed

  8. wow, they made it look so small. At least the lobby and the piano room.

  9. Idk….it maybe just me but I didn't like….anything????, I was expecting something modern but it was really much more "formal" and the colours looked like the 2000…it was popular here in Europe but not anymore! The railing is also quite old…..the kitchen looked more….cold, it wasn't modern or inviting just like an amateur kitchen which was a surprise from my favorite designers!!!!

  10. I think they did a great job with the budget that they had. They used tricks to make the house look as spacious and warm as possible. The railings are seen in other modern homes and I think they work fine here as well. They wisely spent a good chunk of the budget on a nice kitchen and family dining area. Those were the couple's priorities. Nice work.

  11. Есть все необходимое, ничего лишнего, но чертовски красиво.(There is everything you need, nothing more, but damn beautiful.)

  12. Not what I was expecting, also don't like the railing at all. What a beautiful couple and love Jeremiah and Nate so much.

  13. everything I like, in the befor, you keeped in the house…the build ins, the wonderfull round Lamp in the hallway as well…great

  14. Normally I like what these guys do, but I’m not loving this one. Those paint colors are way too dark, and what happened to the cool chandelier from the entryway? Everybody said they were going to keep it, then snip, snip, gone. Also not a fan of what they did to the iron railings. Steel cable, really? Swing and a miss. ????

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