First Time Planting Winter Wheat! 🌾😃🙌 // Garden Answer

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12 Replies to “First Time Planting Winter Wheat! 🌾😃🙌 // Garden Answer”

  1. Love your show, and for a long time now I've not said anything , but I have to: Plants/trees/shrubs are not "architectural"… they may have more decorative "structure" but architecture is the art and design of BUILDINGS. Hope the "structurally" more decorative and interesting bearded wheat works out well! 😉

  2. It's crazy you're having a warm Fall. It snowed here in southeast Wisconsin this morning. Enough to cover the ground, melted by 11 AM.

  3. Hope your wheat turns out fantastic. A lady we like to watch on You Tube is Hillbilly Kitchen. Her husband passed away this February 2022….she and her husband had been giving away boxes of kitchen staples for those who are elderly, live alone, who can't get out to shop when they are in need. She now does this on her own. She shows how to make fantastic breads , rolls, etc and just had one this last week or so with many great tips…and does much more than breads She, as a Christian woman with a big heart, gives away these gift boxes to these people in need.

  4. OK… Susan and Laura just became Naomi snd Ruth!! Gleaning in Boaz' field! Love it! I'm curious why you chose wheat over a clover or alfalfa?So it's not really as a cover crop?

  5. Yum! I love dried apples! Thanks for the suggestion! I should be eating those instead of chips! Your pumpkin display is beautiful! Good luck with the wheat 😃

  6. I loved learning about the wheat and peeling & preparing the apples 🍎 for drying! Great info. Thanks!

  7. If your storing the wheat you probably need to put it in a metal container or you will have mice overrun.

  8. I’ve watched Kevin of Epic Gardening (who is based in San Diego) plant wheat and then grind it into flour and then bake a loaf of bread! So maybe that is in you future as well.

  9. Grrr there is a terrible” Hit Me Up “ troll on the majority of the comments! 😡🤯. It’s so annoying as we, as real Garden Answer fans, love to see honest replies! I look forward to every video and have learned so much! It’s like your yard has become an extension of my own! 🇨🇦

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