Fish & Chips Tortilla! | TikTok Cookbook – Cookbook Corner

Is the TikTok cookbook any good? Lets find out in the latest cookbook corner putting one of the recipes to the test – the 4 way TikTok wrap style tortilla loaded with homemade fish and chips, minty peas and tartar sauce! More cookbook corner

Epic Homemade Fish and Chips Recipe

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Although the recipe has been shared online, as this recipe is from the book I will not post it, but you can get the book here (or just have a search online!)

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29 Replies to “Fish & Chips Tortilla! | TikTok Cookbook – Cookbook Corner”

  1. Mr Barry…where have you been over the last 20 years!!!!! Never realy seen friends? can you even avoid it…was literally every where…I can totally understand you not wanting to see it…just how did u manage it

  2. Nicely done Barry. Simple tip, any time you're serving a wrap, it will somehow taste better when wrapped again tightly with alumin(i)um or parchment. No sauce on your fingers either!

  3. That tartar sauce needs to go in the same space as the fish. It was dumb of them to tell you to put it on the last spot.

  4. Barry Lewis "are you with me", no I'm with the Woolwich, lol showing my age now

  5. Thanks Whimpy ,I never would have thought that was what Tapas ment !
    Very interesting thanks Jared?.
    JO JO IN VT ??❄️☃️

  6. From the Friends' cookbook, I'd suggest Ross' Moist Maker sandwich. You haven't done a sandwich or sub-related video in a while, and it'd probably be relatively easy to put together.

  7. Small tip Barry, the olive oil if it's a nicer quality one don't use it for cooking. Those are better used as a finishing oil to preserve as much of the olive oil taste as possible 🙂

  8. Not for nothing mate, but even as a Yank I knew there was a food shortage going on in the UK right now. As someone who works with food, I don't know how you didn't know that.

  9. Nothing more British than curry. Is it in any way from Britain? Absolutely not. Is it very imperial? Yup!

  10. Wow, the fact that a big jar of mayo of that brand is easily available in the UK and the US (and possibly other places) is kind of nuts. I'd think that the brands for that sort of basic product would be totally different across the pond. Kind of disturbing TBH since it means those companies are THAT huge.

  11. How does 'steam drying' work ( In the context of putting a lid on your steaming chipped potatoes)?

  12. I'd be very interested interested to see battered fish in the air fryer. I know breaded is possible but I thought battered wasn't because the powerful fan would just blow the batter off. And I can't imagine it would taste as good without the reaction of the oil on the batter.

  13. I bet the curry powder in the fish batter was to replicate the curry sauce flavour you would typically get alongside a fish and chips ?

  14. Oh my! Now all i want is to have that small fryer at home just to be able to make this! looks so delicious!

    I look forward to video with Friends cookbook. It would be awesome if you could make the original "trifle" recipe that Rachel made in the show. Would be cool to see people's reaction having beef sauteed with onions in a trifle!! ?

  15. Hurts my Belgian chipper heart how you made those "chips" , btw they called Friet

  16. Not a good pun, Barry as someone who a month ago had a 7.5cm by 4.5cm piece of skin ripped off my leg for a skin graft. Hint like the worst carpet burn you have ever had in your life lol.

  17. Here in the States an Annual means something totally different, especially for the ladies. ?


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