Five Below *JACKPOT* Finds you should buy instead of DIYing from Dollar Tree

Five Below New Finds! From home decor to clothing. Five Below has a bunch of affordable inexpensive items that rival Dollar Tree.

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27 Replies to “Five Below *JACKPOT* Finds you should buy instead of DIYing from Dollar Tree”

  1. Bethany I’ve been watching you since the makeup days???? it’s so crazy to see you still killing the game and the evolution of your channel. I learn so much from you and you’re one of the OG YouTubers from my teen years I still love to watch! Thanks for the great DIYS I’m looking forward to Halloween and Christmas videos !

  2. I have never been to hollywood blvd but ive been to hollywood palms in naperville close to where I live. Cooper would love it. All theatres have movie themes and you eat while watching a movie. You should check it out sometime!

  3. Holy crap! You're in my neighborhood! I've lived within 15 minutes drive of Hollywood Blvd my whole life. Used to work there with my now hubby and we joke that any new babies is a playmate for our now one- year-old! ????????????

    That said… maybe I'll run into one day lol.

  4. Cooper, was a good shopper. I loved it.
    You, killed it with the microphone ????.
    I went to Five Below, the other day, and they had redid the store. Everything I was looking for they don't carry anymore ????.

  5. Where are you finding all those things? They don't have that here at our our 5 below. I think it's location for sure

  6. I just knew it Bethany you live in my “hood” I’ve recognized the dollar tree and now the Five Below. Mzvelle from Bolingbrook

  7. I am loving the sinister "I'm ready to take over the world" smile your husband has at the end. I love your sense of humor. You are amazing and I love this channel. Thank you.

  8. I wanted 2 c 1 video but here I am binging bethany videos again lol see what I did there ????????

  9. You mentioned before having the outfit but missing out on the full term photo but girl! The photo of you in those pj's is sooo much better!!! imo LOLOL

  10. You are adorable , loved this video and your sexy for your belly lol and your acting on the bed loved it . Oh and little Cooper's reply " oh no " too cute . ❤????❤????❤

  11. Cooper is a precious soul.
    Enjoy, your family, and especially the new born, Princess.
    Thank you, for this beautiful video.
    I need to go to five below, and get some Hello Kitty, for my granddaughter. Thanks again.

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