Fix this BUCKET of ??????

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17 Replies to “Fix this BUCKET of ??????”

  1. You probably yeah you haven’t done please fix this finds in forever. I want to get a pop up from her because she was in an any of your other videos

  2. I'm not trying to be mean but paul and jeddah yall gotta stop cheating all the time we all know you can see everything but just forget about it because you think it's funny , it's annoying and I'm starting to not like watching you guys anymore and yall are always trying to do everything mean you possibly can to ameerah

  3. I havnt watched your chanel in a while but i didnt expect jeddah would have full brown hair

  4. But her videos make me and a bunch of other people VERY HAPPY and saves their day from being negative or bad.

  5. It’s a little sad that she doesn’t post a lot anymore???? I hope she starts posting a lot more soon!

  6. haven't been here in 5 years and I am in shock I missed these so much < 3

  7. I wish I could go to the Slimeatory store but I live in Australia and I can’t see it ????

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