Flood-ravaged Pak eyes Putin's help; Sharif govt mulls importing Russian wheat to overcome shortage

Pakistan is seriously considering to import Russian wheat as floods wreak havoc in the country and cause severe food shortages. Pakistan PM Shehbaz Sharif has said that his government is in talks with Moscow regarding the wheat import. HT reported that Sharif has formed a panel to look into the possibility of importing wheat from Russia and other food items including vegetables from neighbouring Afghanistan and Iran. Watch the video for more.

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19 Replies to “Flood-ravaged Pak eyes Putin's help; Sharif govt mulls importing Russian wheat to overcome shortage”

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    I hope Pakistani people will be turn their normal life .
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  3. If putin helps pak now he will be dumbest leader ever born bcz Pak is big chutiya country one hand they are providing weapons and arming Ukraine by which they r killing Russian soilders on the other hand asking help from same Russians HYPOCRISY at its peak

  4. When you sent weapons and ammo to destroy Russian, i bet, Russian response won't be that great

  5. Fake floods to collect funds.This is Pakistan's man made floods to collect funds and justify global begging.

  6. Pakistan Supplied weapons to Ukraine to kill Russian Soldiers..and now getting ready to beg wheat from Russia.

  7. No problem for us. HT should not waste readers time anymore on Pakistan's flood. Please don't waste your energy on Pakistan instead please look at our problems.

  8. Pakistan wants wheat from Russia. In return Pakistan will provide artillery shells to Ukraine. Arming an enemy of Russia and at the same time pleading for wheat from Russia. Pakistan's politics do not fail to surprise us.


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    Paxtan ki awam aur unke log ki halat aur mazboor aur mushkilo se bar de…
    Bar de Joli …Bar de Joli ….

  11. This is a blessing of the"allah" the god of muslims…like in the time if Nuh.😁😂😂😂

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