Food Theory: Restaurants Are LYING To You! (Michelin Stars)

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Theorists, have you ever eaten at a Michelin Star restaurant? You know, the fancy places that were awarded stars from the Michelin tire company for their very expensive food. Oh, you didn’t know that’s who is dolling out these acclaimed stars? Surprise! It’s true, a tire company has been telling us what the top tier restaurants in the world are for YEARS and no one thought to question it. Well, Loyal Theorists, that is what I am here to do!

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Writers: Matthew Patrick and Justin Kuiper
Editors: AbsolutePixel, JayskiBean, and
Sound Editor: Yosi Berman

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10 Replies to “Food Theory: Restaurants Are LYING To You! (Michelin Stars)”

  1. THANK YOU for this video MatPat!
    As a Colombian-American who loves cooking, the fact that Latin America as a whole has so few Michelin stars always irritated me, since we have such wide diversity and flavor in our cuisines! I always felt that there was a European bias with these reviews. Don’t get me wrong, I love European cuisine, but there needs to be more love for Latin America and our amazing dishes. I’m sure there’s a a Michelin-worthy Arepa out there!

    PS I feel like Papas Chorreadas would be something Michelin reviewers would like, but maybe that’s just me lol. Maybe they’d appreciate a bandeja paisa?

  2. when my brother went to france he said the food tasted bland like it had no seasoning or flavors

  3. IF you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree it will spend its whole life thinking its disabled. Now show me a cat that can breathe under water.

  4. i absolutely love the YouTubers who put the sponsors into time stamps so you can skip through them 😊

  5. I can't help but realize that with all the information that was recited. The fact that Michelin Stars have to be applied for wasn't mentioned. So just maybe there are people that don't care about catering only to the 1%. but instead just want to feed people good food. the posts as of late seem to be more along the lines of rhetoric and propaganda, which unfortunately is really making me lose interest in these channels.

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