Food Theory: Should I DELETE This Video?

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Theorists, we need to talk. My last video on milk was called out by another creator for spreading false information. Ann Reardon, also known as How To Cook That, reacted to my video and had a few corrections. Today, I’m going to be going through those fact checks to see what actually went wrong in that video and make sure we are setting everything straight. Is it a video I should be deleting off the channel? Let’s find out.

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Writers: Matthew Patrick and Justin Kuiper
Editors: Danial “BanditRants” Keristoufi and Forrest Lee
Assistant Editor: Caitie Turner (Caiterpillart)
Sound Editor: Yosi Berman

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30 Replies to “Food Theory: Should I DELETE This Video?”

  1. Well that definitely was harder than how you had to handle game theories in the past

    To be honest, I have this implication that we know very little about how food is processed by our bodies to the level every science backed nutrition advice seems worthless

  2. Thank god yes he called out anns dumb cherry picking like yeah he got some stuff wrong but the overall point about milk is still correct!!!

  3. She just wanted the attention of creating controversy around a well establish and succesfull chanel… thx youtube algorithem. We now you love stupid controversy… thats why she clip, out of context, a little portion of your video. Continue your thing. You do amazing. Send you love and positive vibe.

  4. Brew is a pretty good channel. I'm confident he actually watches game theory.

  5. Props to whoever made the thumbnail for this video, “I LIED TO YOU!!!” amazing job.

  6. Excellently handled, some people love taking things and regurgitating them out of context, Mat and team did a outstanding job of explaining what was going down without being condescending. We love to see it👍

  7. Personally I just don’t like ur fandom because they just seems to consider you like a god and won’t listen to anyone else… they don’t understand that even you can make mistakes or be miss informed

  8. But the sad thing is I'm pretty sure this isn't the 1st time he has talked about where he gets his information from and how he applies his information But then again in school this is why they teach you that anytime you get information from someone that you always need to state where you got your information from

  9. I had a thought could you actually make a living out of domino’s 3$ tipping

  10. They are people in this world that follow others without doing their on research and just say you need to do research even though they find themselves

  11. This is really, really cool but what happened to Dune? Do we get no explanation because a big creator didn’t call it out? Your theory was based on the film (understandably) but showed evidence from the books that was just… wrong. And not even specific scientific points, you got the basic plot wrong. Sometimes (like in FNAF) that’s understandable but Dune is not a mystery, it’s simply a big, complicated book.

  12. I also think it's important to keep in mind that both videos are ultimately after different goals. Ann seeks to educate and debunk misinformation in a way that is clear and as accessible as possible while Food Theory (along with the other Theory channels) is mainly supposed to be entertainment. Educational, but more in the "here's a weird fun fact" sense. I'm not saying this to undermine the value of this channel in any way, I am a fan and I enjoy this content and I know the team puts a lot of effort into the research. This is just why I think whatever happened, happened. Both videos have a narrative supported by facts, but that doesn't mean that said facts weren't cherry picked to fit that narrative. That's what people do when trying to prove a point. I'm glad MatPat made this video where he defends and explains his points in much more detail and while it would've been nice to have those details in the original video, I also understand why they didn't think to include them. At the same time, I'm glad Ann called them out on it but just like them, she also cherry picked certain facts to fit her narrative (not showing the rest of the clip etc.). This isn't a winner/loser situation, this isn't a hero/villain thing. Neither of them is trying to spread misinformation or manipulate the audience. I think the main difference here is that Food Theory has a company and a full team behind it that cranks out multiple videos a week (because again this isn't the only Theory channel) while Ann is an independent, smaller creator who does all the research and prep herself (maybe with the help of her husband but… you know) and only puts out videos every two weeks. Plus this is a topic near and dear to her heart, of course she's going to feel strongly about it and fixate on the details that the Food Theory team may have overlooked in their research or didn't think to include because it's a lot and they're all human after all.

  13. Ann’s channel is just for food drama, she gets pissy when any food videos get more traction than hers. Only her videos ripping on HUGE channels take off. Her “research” is her and her husband sitting on Google 😅

  14. i know that the pheonix wright theory was wrong cuz it was already denied before it was uploaded but i do learn something about that video so dont really do toxic comments people

  15. MatPat DOES spread some amount of misinfomation, but if he actually hits the point, it actually is good.

  16. There are videos on the theory channels where the information overlooked certain details that would have otherwise changed the theory completely, but credit where credit is due: Matpat, you really do your research on food. There is no questioning that. The videos I remember come from older theory videos and, inherently, mistakes happen especially when you’re learning your craft so I don’t hold them against you.

    Matpat might not say it, but her phrasing and tone definitely insinuates that Matpat is lying when, really, she’s basing her argument on making it seem like he doesn’t know what he’s talking about. Like the kale cabbage thing. It’s like looking at someone’s argument and pointing out grammar or spelling mistakes. “See? He doesn’t know what he’s talking about. He put cabbage on the screen.” Then using an inconsistent form of measurement when comparing two ingredients? Yea it isn’t misinformation, it’s just unrealistic to eat that much in one sitting or a day (unless you cook it right)

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