Food Theory: The BEST Way to WIN a Food Fight!

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Okay, we’ve all wanted to yell “FOOD FIGHT” at some point, right? You’ve watched chaos ensue in the famous scenes from Max Keeble’s Big Move, Bratz: The Movie, and Community. But there’s one question they all forgot to ask. What is the BEST food weapon to use in a food fight? Grab your milk cartons and chicken nuggets, Loyal Theorist, because we’re in for a FOOD FIGHT!
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29 Replies to “Food Theory: The BEST Way to WIN a Food Fight!”

  1. me and my classmates made holes in the caps of water bottles and sprayed around for fun back in elementary, but we didn't have any food fights.

  2. in middle school right before lunch got out, a group of boys yelled "FOOD FIGHT!!" and they started throwing food at people, (including me, I got sniped with a chicken nugget.) tons of kids joined in and ran away from the teachers. They got away but the next day the pricaple gave us a lecture and gave the original group of boys detention

  3. America : chips.
    Brit: crisp
    Aus: chips

    America: French fry.
    Brit: chips.
    Aus: chips.

    America: ????
    Brit: ????
    Aus: ????

  4. I can just imagine Matpat in his 50s throwing food at another person when debating whether Mario is a Communist ????

  5. I never experienced this food fight in asia I wish I can't experience this one too a

  6. Hey MatPat, I've got a question that might be interesting to have a video on.
    Is kosher food actually healthier than non kosher food?
    I heard that there were studies about it, but I'm not actually sure, so it'd be cool if you could make a video about it and explaining it.

  7. We had a food fight at my grade school, and the kids started using the trays as weapons, good times

  8. Throw a coke can at the wall, I once dropped a Canned drink and then there was a hole in it and the shaking made so much pressure it started spraying and because of the spraying it started rolling, that entire day there was a line that seemed to always follow the same patern on the playground… I acted like I didn't know what happend????

    Then on of my classmates asked to gave the van and I said no because we where gonna pour the rest in a cup, so he knocked it out of our hands and Ran away hoping it would do that again, it did spray again but not for long

  9. my home town didn't serve anything but milk with lunches, if you wanted something else, you had to bring it or (for middle school but oddly not high school) it came out of one of the vending machines.

  10. How about teaching people NOT to waste food? (I live in a country where not all people can eat everyday)

  11. I’d shake a bottle of Diet Coke and throw it for the bottle situation, that’ll pop

  12. Call me crazy but this video is just a big excuse to have a nugget cameo.

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