Food Theory: The Challenge That Nearly KILLED MrBeast!

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When I saw @MrBeast put out a video called ‘I Didn’t Eat Food For 30 Days’, I knew I would need to talk about it. See, that sounds like a DANGEROUS challenge on the surface. When you actually watch the video and get context, well, yeah it’s still a worrisome idea. Between the challenge and Gordon Ramsey trying to feed him a bad meal, there is a LOT to break down here.

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Writers: Matthew Patrick and Justin Kuiper
Editors: Danial “BanditRants” Keristoufi, Koen Verhagen, and Arthad
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14 Replies to “Food Theory: The Challenge That Nearly KILLED MrBeast!”

  1. In WW2, when the Americans liberated the concentration camp "Saint-Cyprien", located in France. The American troops wanted to feed the newly freed Camp Prisoners because they have been starving.

    Without knowing what would happen if they would feed them heavy food, literally seconds after liberating them. The soldiers, thinking it was the right thing, started giving the Prisoners Apples, Sandwiches, and even Chocolates.
    Leading to a lot of Prisoners dying.

    After that incident, the Science team gave out an order to not feed the prisoners in the camps and to let the Medical Staff feed them first.
    It was mostly a slow input of light soup.

  2. Nearly Killed 👀 Thankfully he had medical folks on standby, the last part of the video is what concerned me the most. Thankfully he didn't actually eat it, otherwise things could've gone bad… Happens to actors too. Nice to see you caught it as well, Great research & Vid. Least Mr.Beast is alright. Hope your doing well, Keep being Awesome & Safe Bro 🥐 😎 👊

  3. Well tbh thx to Gordon Jimmy is still alive or who knows what would have happened to him right now….

  4. this is too click bait-y for me because Mr. beast addressed this (lightly) in his video

  5. If you take vitamins and drink water you can actually do it pretty easily and yes I say this from experience

  6. Patients with diabetes are sometimes put on strict water fasts to reduce the amount of insulin and glycogen in their bodies. I’ll try and find the YouTube channel that taught me about it

  7. A sad example of the refeeding symptom is the liberation of Jewish prisoners of German concentration camps, where Allied forces unintentionally killed many of the prisoners by feeding them too much after the prisoners had endured on little food

  8. i tend to avoid carbs…but sometimes i get this craving and just give in…I'm starting to understand why it was a good thing to give in once in a while

  9. This channel is definitely lead by Mat, not Math. Math is not strong with this Mat.

  10. Fasting is a lot more dangerous than i originally thought, Good thing jimmy has atleast 3 brain cells

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