Food Theory: What Does a 10,000 Year Old Meatball Taste Like? (Mammoth Meatball)

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Loyal Theorist, what would you do if you cloned a 10,000 year old Woolly Mammoth? Would you ride on its back? Keep it as a pet? Or create a GIANT meatball out of it? Well, if you’re the scientists at Forged by Vow, then that’s exactly what you’re doing, creating a mammoth meatball, that is. But why would they do this and is it going to affect us? Because as we all know, life finds a way…
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21 Replies to “Food Theory: What Does a 10,000 Year Old Meatball Taste Like? (Mammoth Meatball)”

  1. Just finished all 4 meat episodes, gotta say, film theory's was absolutely my favourite. This one is second though!

  2. Evry time i heard about resurection of a mamoth on the internet its closest relative is the ASIAN elephant not the african

  3. So, I guess they didn't taste it because they were worried the protein might cause an allergic reaction?

    I'd probably be like "grab a couple shots of epinephrine and keep a paramedic on site; I'm going in."

  4. Hey that mammoth banquet has been debunked… not that it didn’t happen but that they didn’t have mammoth… i can’t remember what was actually served but I remember reading the story about it.

  5. 10,000 Year Old Meatball why was this needed it seems like a Wates of sience

  6. The 1951 Explorer's Club "mammoth banquet" story is false. It was confirmed by DNA analysis that the meat was actually green sea turtle – which had also been the soup course at the same banquet. Even during the banquet, there was differing views on what the meat was with guests speculating also on megatherium (an extinct giant ground sloth).

    The promoter (Wendell Phillips Dodge) never actually claimed it was mammoth. It was promoted as "prehistoric" but never as either mammoth or megatherium, both of which emerged as speculation by the guests. Dodge himself joked that he had discovered a way of turning green sea turtle into giant sloth meat.

  7. It is science because basically nothing can kind of describe copying the same from many years ago Besides magic And they're using science so that's kind of Making what my mom said Correct

  8. You know this proofs what my mom said is kind of righteous magic is kind of a part of science

  9. At 3:40 you said the African elephant is the closest living relative to the mammoth, but then at 7:44 you said it was the Asian elephant.

  10. People Now: Duh we shouldn't actually eat this Mammoth Meatball we made in a lab and is probably cleaner than lots of other meat.
    People a Hundred+ Years Ago: We found something that's been dead for longer than we can imagine but it's not rotten to sludge… That's probably "Agreeable" enough.

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