Food Theory: You’ll NEVER Eat Vanilla Again!

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Loyal Theorist, I want you to think about the last vanilla treat you had. Was it a cupcake? An ice cream cone? A piece of cake? I’m sure it was DELICIOUS! And I hope you savored it, because vanilla could go the way of the dinosaurs and become extinct! Today I’m revealing why this flavor could soon be gone. . . FOREVER.

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Writers: Matthew Patrick and Justin Kuiper
Editors: Alex “Sedge” Sedgwick, Warak, and Danial “BanditRants” Keristoufi
Assistant Editor: Caitie Turner (Caiterpillart)
Sound Editor: Yosi Berman

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27 Replies to “Food Theory: You’ll NEVER Eat Vanilla Again!”

  1. Hii matpat
    Food theory idea:-do almond really make you smart and if it does how?and how much almond do we need to consume for that?

  2. DIY vanilla extract! Order whole vanilla pods online then put them in vodka for 6 months (it's best to use 2 different jars so one is curing and the other can be in use). Presto! Vanilla extract. You can use nearly any type of hard liquor to get different nuances of flavor. SOURCE: My wife is a baker and I eat WAAAAY more baked goods than I should.

  3. 1 Pine needles will save the flavor. 2 we all are used to the fake stuff. 3 I thought it was porcupine butts

  4. I remember before my grandmother moved, she gifted me an unopened bottle of pure authentic vanilla extract because she knows I love baking. I don’t know if I’ve even opened it because I’m too afraid to waste it 😅

  5. Here's an idea

    Which lifestyle is the most healthy
    Being Vegan Vegetarian and those who love both

  6. Ice cream'e never used many of the ingredients we use, today. I am not 100% sure of what every ingredients were. but… I At least heard that it was mainly Ice and Cream/Milk. and no or very little sugar. I wonder if we should not go back, to the days of when… Ice cream'e was made with just Ice and Cram'e/Milk. and get rid of all of the garbage used in what we call ice cream today!

  7. All I want from food theory is an episode on miracle berry. I'd be really interested in them trying it out

  8. I love vanilla ice cream… but I do like cookie dough. 😭 I can’t just have plain vanilla 😂😂

  9. hey matpat! how bout making a theory on is the native american corn ,beans, and squash planted together better than growing them apart?

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