For lunch/dinner, you will get addicted to them,QUICK & easy Meatballs with potatoes! very delicious

Meatballs with potatoes are very delicious for food or dinner, you will get addicted to them. Quick and tasty, everyone will ask you about the method !!

the ingredients:

500 g minced meat
One green pepper
black pepper
Two eggs
Two tablespoons of white flour
3 cloves of garlic
Two tablespoons of olive oil
5 boiled potatoes
150 g of cheese
3 tablespoons of milk
Thyme or oregano
Ready tomato sauce

Good appetite ???????? !!

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24 Replies to “For lunch/dinner, you will get addicted to them,QUICK & easy Meatballs with potatoes! very delicious”

  1. These are so so tasty me and my hubby love them if you haven't given them ago please do you wont regret it, I add mushrooms cut very small you can add anything you like to the mince but keep in mind what ever you add they need to be cut tiny so you can shape the mince big pieces won't come together easy yummy ????????

  2. I think it would be good, if instead of the water, use V8 tomato juice, just a thought,

  3. thank you so much for a very different dinner we love them and they are so delicious we have them at least once a week sometimes even more than that ????????

  4. Green Bell Pepper ist Grüne PAPRIKA in deutsch und nicht grüner Pfeffer.
    Man sollte sich für die Einkaufsliste nie nur die angegebenen Zutaten ansehen sondern auch noch prüfen, ob Übersetzungsfehler gemacht wurden.

  5. Love this comfort food looks delicious, will try it you just forgot to put what temptress the oven and how long you cook it for

  6. You not gonna put that canned sauce MIXED! with water like that ???? I’m gonna try this minus the sauce and I’ll use some bacon, chive’s, mushrooms, and mozzarella cheese

  7. I’m always excited to see that you’ve posted a new video. I love how quick and easy this recipe is. Your channel never disappoints. I make cooking videos too. I’m learning from you and I’d love to learn from each other. All my support to your channel from mine!

  8. THANK YOU!!! for NOT insulting our intelligence and showing us how to chop onions, mince garlic, etc.

  9. What if you didn't use cooked potatoes and just cut one in half and rested it on top of meatballs maybe little cheese or chives

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