Foundation Waterproofing Installation Long Island, New York

Foundation Waterproofing Installation by A.M. Shield Waterproofing
featuring a two layer sheet applied waterproof membrane, a drainage composite and a footing drain.

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  1. I'd bring the rock up higher to within 8 inches of ground level. The trench should be lined with non woven permeable geotextile. Then the pipe (6" to 8") corrugated from Baughman (high octane) made of virgin material on the bottom of the fully lined trench. A bit larger rock for faster flow. Burrito wrap the rock 8" below ground level then add dirt to ground level.

  2. No fabric over the drain tile and rock system? So the dirt can just create a slurry and mix with the rock? Or did you just lay it over the top?

  3. This should be made standard code with any new construction, especially in 4 season climate region.. real estate is such a rip off these days..

  4. Pressure relief system on the inside would be 1/3 of the cost and you dont have to redo your lawn.

  5. 0:45 high density polyethylene layer. brand?? can i use this behind the front steps i am trying to build new.?

  6. did they connect the rain gutter system into the new basement drainage system?? I'm doing research because I need to do something like this to my house

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