Four Ways To Fold A Pocket Square

Mr Michael Hill of Drake’s, one of London’s leading tie makers, shows us four ways to fold a pocket square. He also offers some advice about how to pick a square to complement the rest of your outfit, and reveals the secrets behind the perfect pocket puff.

Learn how to express your personal style using stand out accessories.

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24 Replies to “Four Ways To Fold A Pocket Square”

  1. People often overthink the pocket square. They're not scary at all, nor too difficult to manage.

    Great video, thank you.

  2. Very nice…when the head of Drakes menswear puts on a demonstration…you observe and learn..PEACE

  3. There's no way I pronounce your channel's name and Alan Rickman doesn't comes to my mind.

  4. Also practical. I use mine to wipe off the filth from my tool after I had my way with a hooker in the back alley. Plus the wife always buys me new ones!

  5. that was great. thank you. -a good thing too would have been to add how to contrast the pocket square to the shirt or tie. (too often do I see the mistake of the same color tie and pocket square) *cheers

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