Framing the Bathroom Walls!! – THE SHOP Part 6

Hey Gang! In today’s video we’re getting the walls up! Framing these small walls wasn’t a huge challenge, but the amount of progress made in such a short time is really exciting. Our focus is on what’s going in these walls because each wall gets an accent or fixture so we have to be mindful of that. Hope you guys are enjoying the more regular videos and the format! Trying to pivot a bit so we can start prepping for filming the Stud Pack house. Thanks so much for watching and we’ll see ya in the next one!


14 Replies to “Framing the Bathroom Walls!! – THE SHOP Part 6”

  1. When framing my dad always said if 2 nails is good 7 is better. He also drove in screws with a hammer saying drivers were a waste of time…glad my uncle was a contractor and would take me along on jobs to teach me.

  2. I love how the Stud Pack Gang doesn't edit out all of the BS problems that you run into on jobs. Great video as always!

  3. This has been the perfect project to end in Louisiana to before the house in Texas🤝

  4. Dont use 3×5’s. They waste so much material. If they were 3×64” they would be great but they make more money selling pieces that are short of standard 16” OC framing because of the waste.

  5. I think I finally figured out the name Stud Pack. Its the two of you guys! Lol

  6. Love your videos! Keep up the great work. I'm telling all my friends about your channel. Can't wait for you guys to start on the Stud Pack house.

  7. I noticed 2×4's were down to around $5.3x for an 8 footer…..They were well over $8 a while ago…..that's at my local Home Depot…..Lumber prices were crazy for a while but came down some……Damn it rains a lot in south Louisiana…….Like Florida…..rains every day for a while but drys up in no time……A nice little project you are doing there. I love the floor as it's way easier than busting up some concrete!

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