FreeCAD Tutorial Part4 From 2D Sketch to 3D Model

This tutorial shows the next step. From 2D into 3D and then into the next 2D sketch again. This continuous cycle builds fantastic 3D shapes!

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  1. When i try this it tells me i need to select an active body but i already have the sketch selected?

  2. this is exactly what I needed, freecad's been tossing me around like cadnado, it's those little things that trip you up when getting started

  3. I bet it is not only me that watch your video with sound muted, business place, or just because I am hearing impaired. I would recommend to try to include on-screen-text when you use some keyboard shortcut, like holding Control or Alt keys, etc, so the ones without sound could follow 100% what you are doing. I agree with the majority here, your videos are really very easy to follow and learn. Thank you for your effort. Don't forget the ones without sound…

  4. Thx for posting this.
    Trying to follow along, when I fully constrained, then esc out, everything disappeared – no white lined silhouette remaining? Running 0.18.

  5. At Last a Tutorial that explains each step clearly and at a pace that is perfect! My sincere thanks 🙂

  6. How did you learn to use this program? And how long did it take you to learn how to do what you showed in thr video? I've been trying for a week and I have no idea how to do anything.

  7. Thanks! I picked up solidworks 2012 and have not touched it since then. 2d sketch to 3d model is my favorite way of constructing 3d parts and your video is the first tutorial for my first attempt of trying out freecad. I think I will like it considering it is all free!

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