9 Replies to “Fried fish soup is good but messy to make. Your Chinese grocery store can do the hard part for you.”

  1. Free fish frying is one of the best bonuses of Asian supermarkets. Fried fish with no mess and smell in a small house?! WIN.

  2. 99 ranch too. And I don’t think it costs extra. Lol. Maybe I’m wrong.

  3. Chinese/Filipino supermarket fried fish (I like white bass) with some delicious limey spicy garlicky dipping sauce is a little bit of heaven

  4. My favorite from the Asian supermarket is to get the fried pork belly they sell kindaaaaa crispy then I cut it up into cubes and deep fry it at home and toss it in Mongolian fire oil and 5 spice it’s amazinggggg over a bed of white rice whenever you’re feeling lazy. Love Asian Supermarkets! My fav is VietHoa in my area

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