GARDEN TOUR of My No Dig Raised Bed Vegetable Garden in April

It’s time for garden tour #2 for 2022! This one is packed full of updates, including my reaction to trying raw homegrown asparagus for the first time! I also share some of the experiments I am doing that are related to amendments and turning the concept of crop rotation on its head. I really hope you enjoy this vegetable garden tour and keep your eyes out for another towards the end of May!


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0:00 Opening
0:18 Seedlings
0:57 Beautiful Surprise
1:25 Asparagus!
2:02 Delicious Brassica
2:57 Strawberries and seed bed
3:41 Border bed and soaker hose
4:43 GARLIC!
5:09 Broad Bean Update
5:51 Elephant Garlic & Caraway
6:30 RocketGro Bed
7:23 Swede Rutabaga Experiment
8:14 Amendments Corner
9:10 Polycrub Update
10:16 Self seeded crops
10:58 Purple Sprouting, Fennel and Cima!
11:59 The Perennial Bed
12:45 Peas & JMS Anecdotal Success
13:27 Soft fruit
14:02 Transplanting leeks
14:49 Cold frame and asturian tree cabbage
15:20 Vertical Structures
15:52 Fastest growing crops

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27 Replies to “GARDEN TOUR of My No Dig Raised Bed Vegetable Garden in April”

  1. FINALLY, at year 3, there is enough asparagus to try a spear! Watch my reaction😂

  2. You have a lovely garden. I started to grow asparagus last year so I guess I have to wait another 2 years to enjoy the crops.

  3. Squirrels are in the same family as rats , you're lucky the squirrels don't eat your garden up , they like fruit trees also.

  4. You must have giant freezers …with all that food you are producing!?!

  5. Chop Suey greens are actually an edible Chrysanthemum: Tong Ho. You can make a tea with the flowers. It is also an excellent plant for attracting pollinators!

  6. "I'm oddly obsessed with gooseberrirs, also so are squirrels. And I don't get that" 😂🤣🤣 that made me Laugh so much! Lovely garden – can't wait for more info on the liquid fertilizers, something I'm playing around with this year too.
    💕🌱💕Looking lovely 💕🌱💕

  7. I love the garden tours, gives me lots of ideas. Never knew you could eat Hosta and I have many:) planted by the former owner of our house.

  8. I WOULD grow Austarian tree cabbage – if only I could find some here in Australia! Anyone out there know of somewhere I could find seed? TIA

  9. About the Claret F1 broccoli. If it’s F1 can you save the seed? I didn’t think you could save F1 seeds.

  10. Are you not afraid of crosspollinitation when collecting broccolli seeds having other brassicas in the garden?

  11. I enjoyed watching this looser style of video, it really shines trough that you're having fun in the garden and it rubs off 🙂

  12. Thanks for your videos, I learn the English language and I learn a lot of new words, about the garden and the plants, I can listen to you and understand you. voice.

  13. Yes there is essentially no crop rotation in nature!
    I try my best to follow a similar path. Even when it comes to sowing seeds. If you have a bed where you know you are going to plant, let's say kale, fill your seed trays from that exact bed for the kale seeds.
    Then all the life in the seed tray soil is exactly the same as their future home in the kale bed!
    Why raise seeds in foreign compost and then transplant into a raised bed with a completely different soil microbiome? Forcing the seedling and soil to adjust to a new environment.
    Seems like a no brainer to me.

  14. Sorry, is there a video on how to make the vertical structures? I'm fairly new the the channel

  15. Love what you do but can stop calling it a no dig garden when it's sheet mulching

  16. I’ve seen many of your videos but this one was definitely you seeming so authentic and showing your funny side! I giggled a lot as you talked about peas, squirrels and your odd obsessions. Funny!!

  17. Hello Huw, good to see a tour from you and yes water is something that we need to collect or use as little as possible, no water on our site so I am now up to around 13,000 litres of stored rain water which may last if we get no more rain and has you know the last few years we got rain just when we needed it. Have a great growing season my friend.

    ♻️Happy gardening, Terry King.

  18. I have some kale that overwintered from the root stubs that has bolted. I took your advice and ate the unbloomed shoots and they are delicious 👍👍

  19. What a beautiful example of God's creation. It is absolutely gorgeous!

  20. Hello Huw. What you need to eat at the food garden side are leaves of broad beans ( in Spanish Habas) and pea pod. I expect to translate them well. Their flavor is incredible. Thank you for your tour. See you.

  21. Lol, "Tastes like Asparagus and peas had a baby." I also recently tried the same thing because of James P. – delicious!

  22. So beautiful, such a beautiful garden! Obsession at it's best!

  23. Hello from Idaho 👋🏻. Love watching my 🇬🇧 gardening friends while I wait to get into my garden. Your garden is gorgeous. I’m growing a true peppermint that I got from RICHTERS nursery in Canada. It’s a true peppermint and I’m growing it in a 6’ round galvanized livestock trough that had holes in the bottom. Every year it gets bigger and I’m hoping that fills the entire container. The hummingbirds love sitting in it. Blessings, TeresaSue

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