26 Replies to “Garlic Butter Steak Bites”

  1. Assalamu Alaikum brother i advice you to remove ads in your channel as revenue from the ads is haram because youtube ads contain music, women and haram things. May Allah Subhanahu wata'la make it easy for us Ameen.

  2. Yummy!! Please do more grilling videos. I just got a backyard and have a grill now and I’d love to see your take on things

  3. TGB: toss in some heartburn *throws in garlic
    also TGB: look at this amazing whole stick of butter, how healthy, no heartburn here ????

  4. Damn they look GOOD bro keep up the great work ????????????????????????

  5. Love the subtle shoutout to General Ock when GB says "toss em on the grill!" in the same accent

  6. Bro can I pls have a shout out I beg I’m subscribed and like videos inshallah

  7. ❤MSA, where did you get the natural charcoal from? Because I hate the smell of the fast charcoal.

  8. Oh man!!! That looks so gooood!! Butter makes everything better ????????????. Keep up the good work Ahmed! Allah m3ak.

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