GE Microwave Door Handle Broken? Replace, Repair #WB15X10249

This video provides step-by-step instructions for replacing the door handle on GE microwaves. The most common reason for replacing the door handle is if it is broken or the door won’t open.

Click here to purchase Part #WB15X10249:

You can find printable step-by-step instructions here:

Additional microwave repair, troubleshooting tips, help finding your model number, and part replacement videos:

All of the information in this door handle replacement video is applicable to the following brands: GE

Tools used: putty knife, multi-screwdriver, Phillips head bit

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10 Replies to “GE Microwave Door Handle Broken? Replace, Repair #WB15X10249”

  1. Your video was MOST helpful, thank you so much for posting! To get the proper part I used online site, they have a phone number and u can talk to someone to be sure you are purchasing the correct part the first time. Took less than 10 minutes to replace our broken door handle.

  2. This was a nice simple design, which makes the process straight forward. Mine has brackets that the handle attaches to, which makes it much more complicated, and prone to trouble. Sucks for me.

  3. I had to repair mine but was able to do it at no cost and used the same handle it looks and works like new

  4. I did this now the microwave door light on the touch panel blinks like the door is not sealed but everything is back. Touch panel won't respond correctly and microwave won't start. Light, clock and timer work fine.

  5. Thank you!!!!  I was struggling on how to get to the second set of screws that are blocked by the metal frame.  I have the same microwave oven.  Although harder than your copy I was able to pop open the front bezel enough to allow a screw driver in there to get to the second set of screws.  I wasn't able to remove the entire front bezel.Once I was able to access the second set of screws it was easy peasy.  Thanks for that second half of the video.  A life saver!


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