GED(r) 2014 Extended Response: Part 2

This video explains how to write an extended response for the GED(r) 2014 Test.

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  1. I'm good at reading and writing, but essays are another type of fish. I have been out of school for YEARS, and the RLA test will be the first test I shall be taking out of the four. I have my test tomorrow, and I am hardcore studying this video.

  2. i made 140 that mean i missed 5 points and its probably on the extended resonse but i htink this video will help

  3. ugh this is my last one … I passed everything on the first try :
    but this here idk about this one i see me retaking it … unless I score high in the other questions …. thanks for the tips though I have to practice man i actually already scheduled to take it …

  4. Thank you so much for making this video. I was kind of confused how the extended response was set up and should look like. 🙂

  5. I am taking the RLA GED tomorrow. I passed my other ones already. I got 173 in Math, and 165 in both Science and Social Studies.

  6. Thank you so much. I am taking my Last GED exam Friday morning this will be my 2nd time.I got a 0 out of 2 last time.Keep going and never give up I 31 and I am doing it

  7. In GED English test they said write ….. an argument for both excerpts. Can I can use this to write my argument?

  8. the problem i have is understanding the passage they give on the test day its very hard and complex. so if i dont understand it its hard for me to write about it!! but i will try ur way nd see if it works.

  9. I was 1 point off from passing Lol im retaking it today. Though I was a little irritated, I'm positive I'm going to pass it this time.

  10. I really don't see how people would score honors or above average…. The RLA is the HARDEST for me. I was five points away from the passing mark. I thought I did good, until I saw my score.

    Does ANYONE know how to do better than just "passing".. Curious on how one would excel on RLA.  Thanks.

  11. Thanks a lot i just passed the GED social studies part by watching your vidoes 

  12. Taking the social studies portion today. I hope this helps with the extended response. Kinda nervous you only get 25 minutes to do this.

  13. does anyone know where i can find some example prompts to practice

  14. I believed if they are worried about cheating they can inspect the papers they provide. I would like to be able to draw the graphic organizer that way it will help me more. If they can accomodate Spanish version of the test, I think its only fair that I prefer paper for drafting than plastic. thank you !

  15. You did great with this explanation, but the actual test only allow us to use plastic erasable pad . It does not help me to organized my main points for the plastic take so much space and hard to read. I prefer clean piece of paper to do my work , not those plastic pad.

  16.      I really appreciate this video. Thank you for sharing this. I passed my English test for the 2014 GED and I'm going for social studies next. Was a bit anxious about it at first, but it does look quite similar to the same type of essay style I used for the English portion. I sincerely doubt I'll be able to do what you just did in this video in 25 minutes but, I do believe I'll get a good enough score to pass the test now. 
    Thank you again.

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