GENDER REVEAL FAILS w/ My Pregnant Sister!

Ro Reacts! What vid was your favorite???


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I had so much fun doing a #react video to all of these #funny Gender Reveal #fail clips! I cant believe how quickly things went wrong in some of these videos!

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16 Replies to “GENDER REVEAL FAILS w/ My Pregnant Sister!”

  1. I had so much filming this with Molly! How adorable is she?? Which clip was your favorite??

  2. I love you so much I have been watching you for 8 years you got me into baking and will never forget! You are my idol I would love to meet you one day!!! Thank you!!!💖

  3. I have a gender reveal fail story so my Aunt and Uncle were pregnant with their second child and for the gender reveal they decided to do the traditional cake reveal, and my mom and other uncle were in charge of getting the cake but the person we paid to make the cake ripped us off because cuz when my uncle cut into the cake there was nothing like they grabbed 2 round white cake and stack them together with no colored butter cream in the middle but luckily my other uncle had a back up plan and had Cafetti sticks which it turned out to be a boy.

  4. Had a recent gender reveal for my sister Destiny and her partner and I don't know if people would consider it a fail but they wanted regular cupcakes that had blue and pink icing on top and the cake was supposed to have the reveal inside but I guess there was a miscommunication with the bakery because we didn't get the cake and me and my mom ended up going to the store and getting a Black Balloon with gender colored confetti, by the way it's a boy, and luckily no one touched the cupcakes because there was blue icing inside the cupcakes.

  5. I know I’ve commented this a lot but could you do trying more TikTok recipes with Justine? Y’all together are HiLARIOUS!!!

  6. You and Mo should react to your old challenge videos. I want to see you guys react to the French fry video it’s so funny

  7. When someone loves you, the way they talk about you is different. You feel safe and comfortable. 💋❤❤💋❤❤

  8. Omg I love this video!!!! I am so excited to see baby graham!!❤❤❤❤❤

  9. everyone with the balloon fails: „noooo we‘ll never know it now😭“
    me pulling out my nerf gun

  10. I have been watching since first grade and now I am going to seventh grade! Wow time goes by it’s crazy I love your videos and everyone on the show I got your containers and cookbooks I love you and your family very much! We see a 15 minute video but we don’t see the hours you and your crew put in ty ty💗

  11. 🥳📦The One I Think,That WAS The Biggest”Gender Reveal”Fails,Has To Be…..
    The Surprise Box,Compilation Ones!!Those Just Didn’t,WorkOut At All!!👶🏻👎🏼

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