Get a Molcajete! (Mortar and Pestle)

There’s also a type of mortar pestle I tried in Indonesia, it is much larger than the molcajete but shallower. Does anybody know what it’s called? #shorts

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19 Replies to “Get a Molcajete! (Mortar and Pestle)”

  1. As a person of Latin American decent, I love these things. My grandma would make all kinds of things in it. Guacamole, salsa. Grinding spices like cinnamon, garlic, pepper corns, and anise. I love her and my culture, and I wish to share it with more people.

  2. That if I'm not wrong it's not real rock the real one has small bubbles which is like mini creatre

  3. I’m just a white guy(not saying I’m right) but from the videos I’ve seen that don’t look like a real one

  4. the stone used for grinding is called a tejolote and the words molcajete and tejolote come from Nahuatl (Native Mexica, current day central Mexico) words and have traditionally been used for salsa and mole

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