GET READY! – GAS PRICES up to $15.00 a GALLON!

Due to political conflicts, gas prices may go up much higher than previously anticipated, going up toward $15.00 a gallon, crippling our economy.

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21 Replies to “GET READY! – GAS PRICES up to $15.00 a GALLON!”

  1. US government brought back 10 thousand Nazi's in 1945..
    When did America start being Nazi?
    40 biological warfare laboratory's wasn't making Twinkies!
    Ukraine is the world's laundry service…
    America has been buying oil from Russia the whole time.
    Your food and energy on lock ๐Ÿ”’ by Foreign enemy's.
    Wake up this is by design!!

  2. This all has to do with the great reset. Biden and his cronies are following orders from Schwab and others. They don't care if Americans are struggling at the pumps, because this is all going to result in a total collapse and then ushering in the great reset

  3. Purchased 7.5 gallons for my mowers and topped off my truck I stopped the pump at $100.00 never spent that much before, may have to reduce mowing of some of my property, but then I risk issues with city code enforcement. I have owned this property for 20 years and finally retired only to watch my savings and investments take hits making retirement unrealistic. I may have to go back to work to offset the increase in costs, so much for retirement.

  4. Russia war in Ukraine, Russia, China, India, Brazil, South Africa, Mexico, and Gabon, via the UN, all seem to think itโ€™s because Biden and Hunter Biden created and facilitated a biological network in Ukraine. Russia also accused Biden of crimes against humanity and violating the BWC and Nuremberg Code. No one is talking about the Bio Labs, gee I wonder why?

  5. it wont go 15 gal com on dont fill theses folks with the lys if it15 usa collaps were done se u preserhead

  6. Well there will b a uprise and people will quick there jobs because Americans can't afford fuel to go to work

  7. It was planned but circumstances forced them to show their hand earlier then they wanted. Implementation has happened in a staggered fashion so the results are mixed.

  8. Bullshit it is Biden war on American oil. We have our own oil! And enough! You must be a Biden lover!

  9. A guy on YT bought an electric Mini Truck from China for somewhere around 2.5kUS, It has an range of around 65 miles and he loves it.

  10. Ukraine could not join NATO as it has an internal conflict in the East who`s people who are closer to Russia so it would not qualify anyway.

  11. Russia cutting oil supply and Chinese weakening the US by stoping shipping goods to Americaโ€ฆ USA like Europe are going to face an incredible hard time โ€ฆbtw what about the Bidens and their deals with Ukraine gas companies and the Chinese ?

  12. I've never seen a white house that cared so little for the American people and the state of our union. Only God can help us at this point

  13. I donโ€™t believe there is any going back from this WWIII is coming At this point anything could happen

  14. Where I live it is $9.28 a gallon and our $$ is worth less then the US $

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