Get Ready with Me: 100% Drugstore Makeup- Neutral Colors

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Products Mentioned:

Maybelline define a brow medium brown
milani brow fix kit medium brown
accidentally used mac studio concealer for brows haha but used nyx concealer in a jar for exact same clean up
milani clear brow gel

milani eye shadow caranel brown
nyx nude matte eyeshadow maybe later
brown shadow in milani define a brow
Revlon liquid liner
milani eye tech perfection liquid liner
loreal shocking extensions telescopic mascara
Maybelline the rocket volume mascara
loreal infallible 16hr eyeliner

maybelline baby skin instant pore baby skin
covergirl tru blend foundation m5
rimmel tsay matte foundation true beige
Revlon age defying concealer in medium
cover girl clean powder medium beige
Sonia kashuk crème bronzer rich bronze
Revlon bronzer bronzed and chic
covergirl queen bronzer light bronzer
Sonia kashuk sunset blush
milani baked bronzer glow

milani lipstick nude
milani gloss sweet grape fruit

19 Replies to “Get Ready with Me: 100% Drugstore Makeup- Neutral Colors”

  1. Damn girl. That's a lot of geish. I counted like four products on the cheeks. Hopefully you only do this on special occasions. Looks good towards the end but for example, all that stuff you did to the bottom liner, would've looked better had you just stopped after smudging it with the brush and just set it with a translucent powder. all the blending with what looked like a brown shadow wasn't precise anyway and it resulted in a greyscale appearance to it and you ended up having to apply more liner afterwards. Women need to paint smart, not cake it on. two mascaras (why.), two bronzers (why.), a lipstick AND a lipgloss (why not a glossy lipstick formula, it lasts longer and is lower maintenance anyway). 

    I would have done the eyes/brows first, applied liquid contour, highlight, and base (or cream formula, plenty of drugstore versions), set it with powder, and just do the lips. adding blush, and a sheen highlight here and there. You end up looking like you, but chic and perfected. Not like you're wearing pounds of makeup to go to the mall, looking like nicki minaj (of course, you dont here, but most women who put on as much makeup as you did, do). more women need to think about how they can apply their makeup as minimaly as possible rather than applying everything they have on their face until they achieve the look they want

  2. have the same skin tone sometimes its not cool to find the right foundation color or powder :/

  3. you put on your face like 12 layers of makeup when you already have perfect skin I like your skin color too looks like you're naturally tanned

  4. She can wear as much makeup as she wants quit calling her a cake face . She does makeup videos . she knows how to make makeup look good . Lol smh

  5. We have similar skin tones.. I'm dying to see a video where the beauty guru does a vlog going to the store and picks out foundation,powder,and concealer colors. Please please do this ! I'm not good at color matching.. Love your videos girl! 😘

  6. Tooooooo much make up , no matter how good u blend out ur make up , deff ur face is going to look all caked up , an the little the better as far as foundation and concealer , tone it down girly . Overall in camera look soo flawless but in person i bet anything that it looks too much .

  7. I wish all these dumb girls with stop asking stupid questions that are none of their business are your lips real ?are you living at home with your parents? Why are your lips so big? In all seriousness it's none of your business and who cares if you don't like her videos are the faces that she makes are you think she's ugly or whatever keep it to yourself there's nothing more ridiculous in to see a bunch of insecure women bashing another beautiful one educate yourself dumb b****

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