Get Ready With Me!!!! FUGLY to Fab


♥My FAVORITE pink lipsticks:

♥HOW I: fill in my BROWS:

♥Sultry Plum lips:

♥MY GO TO hair (in most videos):

Open for more info:

milani hd concealer in medium
bye bye undereye concealer
laura geller brighten n balance powder in tan
loreal true match in cocoa
maybelline define a brow in medium brown
the balm palette
loreal linear intense in black
maybellines felt tip liner in black
milani blush in sweet rose
milani shimmery blush in luminoso
elf contour kit
mac studio finish concealer in nw25
physicans formula powder in transluscent
laura geller blush in brighten in como
revlon lip butter in strawberry shortcake
sephora gloss

The brushes I use are by Sedona Lace and I am testing them out right now and will be doing a Review and giveaway!!

Come and chat with me!!! I love interacting with you guys!



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29 Replies to “Get Ready With Me!!!! FUGLY to Fab”

  1. You're a cutie pie😍😍😍😍I wish I could find a pink lipstick that match my skin tone.

  2. What race are you? I don't mean to offend you or anyone else with this question and that's not what I'm trying to do. I myself am mixed race, my dad is african american and cuban and my mother is caucasian. I was wondering if you're mixed race as well.

  3. this is the first video I ever saw of you. throwback. and I remember loving it and getting hooked! haha. God bless you! look how far you've come.

  4. Lol she does the same facial expressions as i do when i put on make up 🙂 i am Glad i am not alone 🙂

  5. You're not fugly at all. You have gorgeous skin and you are a beautiful woman, with or without makeup.

  6. You look absolutely amazingggg, you go with your makeup & duck all these haters!!! Xx

  7. Beautiful. Sometimes, just for a second, you look juuuuust a little asian. Like, some exotic combo of latina and… and, asian. I dunno – polynesian, maybe? I'm just whitebread, so I'm a little jelly.

  8. what is that white powder you place under your eyes/over your cheecks to brighten them up?  Thanks

  9. as a man – the transformation achieved by makeup always amazes me 😉 you were pretty before.

  10. Girl, hope you know you have such a pretty face, even without makeup. The less makeup, the prettier you look. 

  11. i thought the video said fugly to fab not fab to fab. 
    wtf your gorgeous without shit on your face.

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