get ready with me to film yet another video *inception*

hey! hope you enjoy this vid. i spent like three hours editing just the first 10 seconds lol thanks for watching!

if you would like to translate this video into whatever language you know to help out others who can’t understand me, a dumb american that only knows one language, you can click the settings button, go to subtitles, add subtitles, and then go from there 🙂 thank you!

last video:…

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about me:
age: 16
birthday: may 16th, 2002
camera: Canon EOS 70D
editing: final cut pro x


14 Replies to “get ready with me to film yet another video *inception*”

  1. I love the way you styled your hair. You are cute/gorgeous!!!

  2. does any one else put on lip-gloss/chap-stick and then brush their teeth and then it all came off because you just brushed your teeth and then your like okay well why did i put lip-gloss on before i brushed my teeth because now it's all gone i should have thought that through! lol

  3. “Why am I so cute?” Finally a grwm where the YouTuber isn’t self degrading 😌💕 slay queen

  4. Une stupide américaine qui ne connaît qu'une seule langue hhh typical french to say but still 80%true. But now I wonder does she speak any language beside french or else elle est seulement une arrogante française

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