Get that Instagram-worthy home with 9 Designer Secret Tips!

9 Designer Secrets That Make Your Home Instagram Worthy! Here’s the secrets to an Insta-worthy home for your home! I show you the Designer secret Tips and tricks to get that Instagram level fabulous home! must have designer home items you need to have in your Home! Whether your style is Minimalist or Boho/Traditional, mid century modern designs style, California interior design, desert modern house style, Scandinavian home design, rustic contemporary home DIY, modern country home decor, simple modern farmhouse ideas, you’ll need these must have, building block decor pieces for each room❤️ ❤️
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27 Replies to “Get that Instagram-worthy home with 9 Designer Secret Tips!”

  1. So first of all, I love Lisa and subscribe to her channel and watch all her videos. But as I was watching this I thought, seriously? Then I re-read the title of this video and thought, OK, fair. It's, how to make your room "Instagram-worthy" (????), not how to make your room functional and comfortable.

  2. Mirrors are tremendous. I have an entire living room wall done in plain beveled squares. The room lights up! The furniture is reflected. Some believe that they are passe.

  3. I’m anti art books though. When everyone has the same Tom Ford coffee table book, it’s totally stale. I personally find them pretentious. But anyhow.

  4. The found item! Yes! I have not been consistent about adding one to every room, so I will be keeping an eye out.

  5. I’m going to make sure my daughter watches this because once in a while she reminds me I have to many Vases from crystal to my mothers grandmother she tells me I’m not keeping a Vase from a woman I don’t know ???????? I’m gone I hear yard sale ????but seriously I’m glad you are around for me to always learn something ???? percent right from pillows to Vases ❤❤

  6. ???? I am soooo contrary. I literally loathe all of these, except found objects and lighting.

  7. Yes.
    Much maligned, but so important.
    As Lisa says, they really finish a room, and define a style statement.
    They can provide a strong burst of color. They can be changed easily (and frequently less expensively) than case goods and upholstered furniture. And if a person sews, the cost is even less.

  8. OK, I have the variety of vases & use them. Just never uplight the face or we look like we belong in a horror film. No joke. This is due to natural lighting for the human eye coming from the sun above us. Loved the mirror that mimicked an archway and the two-toned bathroom mirrored wall. If baskets can be kept from looking BoHo I use them. Otherwise, not. I agree about Found Objects. They always have a backstory that somehow fits into the ongoing story of our lives. Nothing, like stacks of books, should monopolize tabletop space actual humans may need as a place to sit a beverage or food. And the books can be anything you think others might like to browse through while you go to the kitchen or bathroom, in lieu of their rummaging through your closets or drawers in that room. (It is my understanding that many go through medicine cabinets even in bathrooms while they are in there when visiting someone else's home. Ick.) Finding the right plant and container can become almost a life's work. LOL. But, the payoff is big. But, one does not need so many decorative pillows that people have to move them to sit or sleep. It looks too over-decorated if people cannot use the furniture without moving pillows hither and yon. You provide such great pictorial examples so that we have an indelible image in our brains to refer back to whilst shopping. Thx.

  9. I need a small job interior designer who will just pick out the fabrics for curtains, pillows and rugs to coordinate with my art and furniture. I am TERRIBLE at fabrics. But, man, I cannot find someone who likes traditional design to do this to save my life!

  10. 5:12, When Books Take Over , I have a designated room for books, the Media Centre, it's where the in house music system lives, the internet connection and wifi box, the TV, and Books, acre footage of Books. My Partner is an Architectural Historian so books are just another body part, Books Breed, when you're not looking, suddenly, THERE's MORE! that table in the shot is proof, soon that whole room will be …. A Library. !!!

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