Getting the Triangle Choke from Arm Bar Counter

Taken from our archives (Lights Out DVD 2007) here is how to get the triangle choke when you are attempting to go for the arm bar (in the spider web position).

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  2. brown belt got me 3 times in one 6 min roll and at the end I was still like how did he do that…. now I know

  3. I think if I saw this while I was still taking classes I could have earned a lot more submission grappling wins

  4. If you sit there wasting energy prying the arm the opponent can easily counter that that's why this is such a good video…

  5. Could be better by gripping the leg though, since as soon as the body-hook lifts to kick through, most guys will start the hitch-hiker escape and you want to bait him to go the other way with the sit-up escape once clearing the head instead. So, the move is perfect if combined with a grip on the knee.

  6. I've seen guys use their right legs to kick open the other guy's defending arms. Getting your head out from the hook and trapping the leg with it is another armbar defense, which is why this move is so sneaky. It chains a deceptively failed armbar attack, baits the guy to sit up to get out of danger, then puts him into a triangle in the transition.

  7. just last night I seen others fight and fight for the arm (he was a green belt). my son 12 just started we will work on this move thands.

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