GG AMA: Watch Edition #AskGG

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You’ve seen Raphael, Preston, and Kyle give their thoughts on various topics in previous “Ask Me Anything” live streams–now our Operations Manager Nathan Price, gets in on the fun with a stream centered around his favorite topic, watches!

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  1. That was a fantastic Q&A, and nice to see the collaboration with Federico and Delray Watch. Is Gentleman's Gazette based in Miami too?

  2. There's a third option for the material used in watch crystals besides sapphire and plexiglass: mineral glass. You'll find this on many mind-priced watches, including ones made by Seiko. It's less scratch-resistant than sapphire,but much less expensive.

  3. You guys are a huge inspiration to me. I look good because of what you do… carry on.

  4. @56:57 did he say Oris or Horage ? Oris founded in 1904 so i think not a Micro brand and Horage is more a Independent Brand (in house movement)

  5. I wear and prefer a pocket watch over a wrist, pocket wearing is on the rise and they are less vulgarly flash than wrist watches .

  6. Nathan missed part two of question one pertaining to matching the watch face to a ring gemstone.

  7. Nice heist outfit, only ski mask is missing. I bet the watches were stolen.

  8. I still use a pocket watch when I'm wearing my 3piece suit. They type of watch needs to be appropriate to the circumstances. Pocket watch for highly formal events. Doxa Sub 300T for situations where I need a reliable watch that can take some serous abuse. Rolex Sub for daily use.

  9. Fighting 7.9% inflation (more like 15%) with a 1% Fed funds interest rate is like stopping a forest fire with a bucket of water. Folks prepare accordingly. Make investment in other not to depend on the government for funds.

  10. All divers are sports watches, not all sports watches are divers. I think @5:14 it’s said backwards

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