22 Replies to “Giant Air Fryer Cookie”

  1. I'm convinced he trying his hardest to get diabetes as fast as he can

  2. When you cut the ????cookie in one quarter it’s actually reminded cutting a slice of ????pizza

  3. I had an air fryer like this one, but my mom gave it away to family before we moved to Turnberry on the Greene

  4. Bro this man can't eat a simple Oreo he put some whip cream in Oreos and call it cooking

  5. Diabetes has entered the chat. ????????????

    I'm diabetic by the way. Please be careful with your sugar intake, sir. You'll overload your pancreas.

  6. I been taking marbled loaf cakes and coating them with cool whip and sprinkles, throw it in the freezer for 24 hours and ya get a nice little ice cream cake.

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