Girls Day: Shopping & 'The Other Woman"





Camera: Canon Powershot
Editing: iMovie

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  1. Nice to meet your friend and I love girls day out. My favorite. It's terrible that in my life there are backstabbing girlfriends, God talks about unconditional love, I start with my children and pray to go on to others. I can easily unconditionally love my children, but find it hard to do for others, because I will give people I think are special the shirt off my back and then they go behind my back and do all kinds of things. Forgiveness is something I have to work on.

  2. I'd like to see a video on just your full grocery list and i know you do videos on little things to pick up

  3. Do u all post photos of your work? the special occasion hair and makeup looks that Kelsey mentioned? also, how much do u charge? 🙂 thanks 🙂

  4. What do you guys do for a living? you guys buy a lot of stuff. lol. 🙂 but thats really good that you can splurge on yourself.

  5. need some help on products just losing all my edges lilttle bald spots going natural need help please

  6. the red mac bag is the best bag.!! you don't realize what you have.!! red is the best color in the world,,give it to me lol

  7. So I've been having a glamtwinz marathon today lol
    You guys touch your hair a lot while you talk, prob one of those subconscious things 🙂

  8. Look like you all were in my hood at perimeter mall and I love Kendra makeup I need that lipgloss thank you ladies!

  9. You guys are so inspiring . They way you guys have your OWN house and have a nice bond .

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