Giselle and Alex's Persian Wedding at the Mayflower Renaissance Hotel

Bringing sweetness into their lives by sharing Asal with each other is one of the most touching moments we’ve captured on film. The Termeh lying on the Sofreh, the Ghand scarf used to protect the couple from the Kalleh Ghand and the Bride’s reluctant tease to say “yes” in Farsi are Old World traditions incorporated into modern Persian weddings. From filming a Sofreh Aghd on the beaches of Aruba to an Aroosi in the Netherlands, many of our favorite destination weddings have been Persian.
The Wedding of Giselle and Alex at the Mayflower hotel in Washington DC.
Bride’s Dress: Deigned by the BRIDE (Giselle)
Cake: Classic Bakery, MD
Catering: Javan, MD
Event Planner & DJ: Jiman, MD
Florist: Flora, VA
Hair dresser: Moses, MD
Makeup artist: Ida, VA
Photographer: Len Depas, DC
Singer & Band: Farshid Amin, CA
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17 Replies to “Giselle and Alex's Persian Wedding at the Mayflower Renaissance Hotel”

  1. The Mayflower Hotel looks like a simply stunning wedding venue, may be out of budget though for many of my clients. Nice video and music, thanks for sharing.

  2. Wow! Elegant wedding. Gorgeous bride. Beautiful dress. Cute couple. Exquisite video clip… where is this? US? What hotel? How luxury… love it. Best Wishes.

  3. I never get enough of watching this wedding video. Everything is perfect! Stunning bride, beautiful dress, lovely wedding… Bravo.

  4. I call this a fairy-tale wedding, in one word MAGNIFICENT. Wishing you all the best : )

  5. What an amazing wedding! The bride is sooooo cute and cheery and the groom is handsome. Mashallah!

  6. Stunning Bride!!! Beautiful couple, gorgeous wedding, and exquisite venue… wishing you all the best.

  7. i swear to god man this is one of the best weddings i've ever seen in my entire life, love the dress love the hair love the shoes everything was perfeeeccctt best of best, ishala khoshbakht beshin <3 <3 i really would like to know where you got ur dress from

  8. Suburban video is the best in the world when i grown up i mean when i marry wit some girl i'll invite suburban to my wedding (inshallah)

    Suburban Video we love you best of luckkkkkkkkkkkkk forever

  9. at 8:13 the lady with blond hair im sure she is the one from your other persian wedding video.

  10. What a beautiful wedding. Kim Kardashian should have watched this video to get ideas for her own wedding. They did such a beautiful job. Wish them all the best. I wonder where she bought the dress from?

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