Glitter Glossary: How to Clean your Makeup Brushes

Products Mentioned:
Johnson and Johnson Baby Shampoo: can be purchased at drugstores.
Mac Brush Cleanser: $11
Brush Guard: $4.95

If you are wondering the brush shown in the video is the MAC 168 🙂

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FTC Disclaimer: Everything in this video was purchased by me. This is not sponsored.

Elle Fowler

14 Replies to “Glitter Glossary: How to Clean your Makeup Brushes”

  1. thanks for the video! And just to make sure, you can reuse those brush protector things, right?

  2. @lovelaughter21. Watch my video on katandlo07 an I will show you an alternative fir brush cleaner. Maybe something you already have at home. Please watch:)

  3. Oh that was a neat idea with the Mac Brush Cleaner!! I seriously need to buy some of those.
    BTW do you use the baby shampoo on your eye brushes to (creases, brush all over,ect) or just your your face brushes (foundation, blush)

  4. i have heard that people mix the brush cleanser with water in a spray bottle, and it makes the same thing and it doesnt finish so easily. you might wanna try that 🙂

  5. Hi Elle, I use baby shampoo to clean all my brushes and it works great. xoxo 🙂 Carla

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