GOCHUJANG Chicken Rice Bowl In 15 Minutes!

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12 Replies to “GOCHUJANG Chicken Rice Bowl In 15 Minutes!”

  1. Looks fantastic! ???? and quick too! Loving the salad aswell nom ????

  2. The speed that these rice bowls come together is perfect for the mid week or work night kind of meals that keep people out of the fast food driveway.

  3. Your channel is wonderful and astonishing. I love your cooking lessons and the tasting segments. So much beautiful food!

  4. Chicory grows well in Australia, not many people use it. This is a MAGIC recipe thanks. The thighs with breast will make a big difference from just minced chicken. Luv it!

  5. Wow I actually have all the ingredients to try an internet recipe for a change.
    I’m definitely making this later today.

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