Gordon Ramsay's Shrimp Scampi Breaks My Italian Heart


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29 Replies to “Gordon Ramsay's Shrimp Scampi Breaks My Italian Heart”

  1. Gordon Ramsay has repeatedly shown a lack of understanding of Italian cooking

  2. Olive oil in pasta water…way to ruin the Tears of the Gods Gordon????

  3. British people mess everything up even the simple stuff

  4. Marco Pierre White said "it's his choice" to put olive oil in pasta water.

  5. I've been putting oil in my water for years because I thought it prevented the pasta from sticking together.

    Don't be like me. Do not do this.

  6. Show us how you make shrimp scampi the authentic Italian way Nadia!! Please..????

  7. HE'S ABOUT TO CUSS YOU OUT JACK ????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  8. When he put the olive oil in the water a thousand tears from Italian grand mothers fell from heaven

  9. Some do it because they believe it will help the pasta not stick ????‍♂️

  10. Which is funny because I swear I’ve seen a video of him saying NOT to do the oil in the water, just salt.

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