Gorgeous Pandan Créme Brûlée

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Have you ever tried pandan?

Pandan is a plant used in many Asian cuisines, prized for its vibrant green leaves! It tastes like the lovechild of grass, vanilla, and coconut–super delish!

This is probably the best crème brûlée I’ve ever had and pandan is truly the star of the show.

This was inspired by the best dessert I’ve ever had in NYC, Lady Wong Pastry & Cakes (@ladywongpastry)’s pandan serimuka. It’s chef’s kiss.

Link to the full recipe! https://tasty.co/recipe/pandan-creme-brulee

10 Replies to “Gorgeous Pandan Créme Brûlée”

  1. You must have heard how pandan's supposed to pronounce. It's not really that hard. I don't understand why Americans feel the need to butcher the names of asian food.

  2. exept for all the white sugar, omg this looks so tasty–try brwn/raw sgr tho! Much, sooooo much healthier and would be extra yum-yum flavour, happy side effect of brwn sgr….!
    edit: I just learned monk fruit sweetener-which is a natural sgr & white in colour-and is good for the body–if that was what you used, pls excuse me… :$

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