Grab a Dollar Store vase … this is gorgeous!

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12 Replies to “Grab a Dollar Store vase … this is gorgeous!”

  1. This looks stupid. If it's not a headboard and a sideboard instead….makes it just look stupid! It's like a padded wall for like a padded room. Why do u people waste our time making videos not tested prior posting it cuz ur plan did not work and the end project is a joke! I'm tired of looking at Hometalk videos on my Google feed to end up bein a waste of my time,but luckily now I skim thru them. U should too & not waste people time till u done & edit out all ur unneeded mistakes & extra. Even common sense says spray adhesive will not hold pool noodles or most heavier items. Seriously reconsider these things before posting on Hometalk!

  2. Sorry, that is not gorgeous. Looks more like something a kid would make at school or with the help of a parent. It's a silly looking.

  3. Love it so cute I have a lot of great ideas myself but I'm currently fighting depression and it's hard to get going

  4. Much to much work & money ! I would rather go buy a nice vase in dept store..

  5. Good idea , If I did this I would have covered one pool noodle and laid it across the top of the headboard to finish it off better , just an idea not a complaint xxx

  6. Both same size make three with different each one tall medium and shorter if possible had some flowers and ribbons for added taste.Find vases in same design but different in height.

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