Grass Tennis: How Hard Can It Be?

Hard-court tennis is the norm in the U.S., but you won’t find that surface at Wimbledon. WSJ’s Jason Gay tries his hand playing on grass at New York’s West Side Tennis Club. How hard can it be?
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28 Replies to “Grass Tennis: How Hard Can It Be?”

  1. Bro this guy has been playing tennis all his life? My friend who started 3 months ago can hit better than this guy…come on man

  2. Audacious coach. They're everywhere. They'll just approach anybody and boldly say what you're doing wrong. And when you see them play you just kind of cringe for the guy.

  3. I mean I want to give this guy the benefit of the doubt but bro you aren't following through and you don't have your hand out before you hit the ball like this guy was playing like I did before I got actual lessons

  4. Tennis is meant to be played on grass, it used to be called "lawn tennis". It's just that most clubs CBA to maintain grass anymore.

  5. All his life … didn't even use proper technique. So apparently you can say anything in the internet lol

  6. Why would he qualify his credentials by saying he's played tennis "all his life"? He looks like a beginner who's had a week of experience. Also, Advil and Bourbon is a solid way to destroy your liver and/or stomach, if you're into that kinda thing. Can't recommend.

  7. Heh

    Trying to volley backhand and forehand with and Eastern Forehand grip

    I guess he is in New York

  8. His form is kinda clunky, but hey at least he moves his feet and shows some good split and first step footwork!

  9. why is his form so bad? Has no rotation of body and his stroke is a beginner's stroke with the drop of the racket facing the ball instead of doing what professionals do. If he played tennis for all his life, he didn't learn efficiently.

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