GRASS – The Most Valuable FREE Resource for Growing Food

I am very excited to share this video which shows you the multiple uses of grass and grass clippings in the garden, and the second half of the video shares what I think is the most exciting use for grass which is creating a JADAM liquid fertilizer for balanced plant growth using 100% free materials including the container itself as part of Project LEACS. I really hope you can see just how beneficial this resource is and even if you have slug problems you can still use grass for many different uses in your vegetable garden.

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17 Replies to “GRASS – The Most Valuable FREE Resource for Growing Food”

  1. Find out more about JADAM Organic Farming here: 🌱 One thing I forgot to mention is when using thicker mulches leave a little gap between the stem and the mulch of the plant to help with airflow 🙂

  2. The mulch acts like a sponge.
    I love it and your channel 🥰
    Amazing work
    Thank you so much for knowledge 🙏🏻

  3. Is there any concern with the plastic breaking down after containing this mix of water and grass for a long time? Very informative video.

  4. I just put grass clippings in thin layer back on the lawn or under the flowers. Turning compost daily? Who does that except hippies?

  5. Excellent 👌👌. Me too always used the grass clippings on the plants. I won't waste it. Everything can be recycled.

  6. And really, what's worse in life than misunderstood grass cuttings…

  7. I don’t have any grass lawns available to me. Can I use the strimmings of the allotment pathways, as these will include nettles and other random organic things? Thanks

  8. Huw do you use any slug pellet ? In my allotment there are so many snail ,I use the flour mixture ,but there are still so many.

  9. Years ago I lived in New Mexico. The dirt in back of my apartment was very hard. I started going around the neighborhood picking up bags of clippings for mulch. After a couple of years I could push a 2 foot rod into the soil with little effort. The plants grew well.

  10. I love the idea to dry grass for a source of carbon in compost heaps! That is always our biggest challenge, and your tip has just solved it in that we have a huge amount of grass clipping available to us each week when we mow-thank you!

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