Greenhouse Tidy Up (+ Planting Freesias & Finishing the Dahlias)! ???????????? // Garden Answer

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26 Replies to “Greenhouse Tidy Up (+ Planting Freesias & Finishing the Dahlias)! ???????????? // Garden Answer”

  1. I agree you have motivated me to get my germination area more organized as it also is my dining room and office! I kind of walk by it with my eyes closed when I’m working on other things! I had white Freesias in my Wedding bouquet with apricot roses, I never even contemplated trying to grow them! Maybe next year! Well off to organize! Great video as always! ????????????????????????

  2. Always nice to tidy up and have a fresh clean working space! Looking so beautiful, lots of color and growing going on!!!! ????

  3. Love your channel. What variety of freesia are you potting up? The picture at 10:59 looks a lot like a narcissus or daffodil.

  4. Was that a pic of a new variety of Freesia? The pic looked like daffodils. Beautiful either way. I too, love an organized work space, thank you for the motivation!

  5. Did you plantable of those flowering plants this winter or are they left over from last year.

  6. Those tunnels are nice for 6 zone, just watching video…
    reminded me of humid spring in March
    along the coast where I was a child. Every week in the mid 70s.

  7. Hi Laura! Don't worry about the freesia bulbs they often look like that. They should come up just fine! Mine are just about to bloom (I live in south Greece). Just a small correction, at 10:58 that's the daffodil double mix not the freesia one!

  8. I’m thinking the olive tree will be fine, I’m from an area that gets below 20 degrees on occasion, the olive tree orchards and stand alone trees seem to last forever. Being in a pot may be different, it will be interesting!!! I love your channel!

  9. Oh how nice to have a heated greenhouse! I cant wait to see all these things grow! ????❤️????????????

  10. I’m the same way. Everything around me has to be neat and organized before I can concentrate on work.

  11. When you took the crates with the burlap out I thought “Oh no, there go Russell and Cheddar’s cozy beds.” It made me smile thinking of them all curled up in them a few videos ago. ❤️????❤️????

  12. Bravo for tidying. Love the concept of bringing order to chaos, even if the chaos is of our own making. Great job.

  13. Make sure you stake those freesias! A double layer of hortonova works well. They are super floppy.

  14. That seating area is the definition of “romancing the ordinary” I just love it!

  15. I enjoyed the clean up/reorganizing of the greenhouse. My mind would not know where to start and it would take me several days to do all of that. Of course Russell ????is relaxing in the chair saying "good job". ????

  16. It is looking lush and beautiful in the greenhouse. Getting Spring fever for sure. Peeking in my WS containers, and many have sprouted! Those fressias may suprise you. They are tough little bulbs.

  17. I love watching you prepping your dahlia tubers while drinking my coffee but, sorry, seems like a lot of bother. Just not that into them. Much prefer watching yours grow than growing them myself.

  18. Ok, I needed some cleanup motivation! TY!
    I’ve never grown freesia, either. Pretty tropical for me. Could swear the pic popped in were daffodils. ???? Those, I know!

  19. Hi Laura and Aaron! Do you reuse the soil once the dahlia tubers and Freesias, etc have sprouted and you move them? Or have they taken too many nutrients from the soil?

  20. I just love being in the Hartley or your greenhouse because of all the lovely and i teresting projects you have going on there.

  21. Great video with a wonderful message: keeping a tidy work area makes one more productive. Rings true for me too!

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